Monday, April 27, 2009

Next Show!

Here's the flyer for my next show. My past two shows have been large group shows but this time it's just me and a photographer(an amazing one at that, Dean Azim) so I'm trying to have more pieces than ever before. Super stoked for it!!!

I also want to thank Jules, Degree and Mike for making me a part of these great events! Good creative people around me is always a nice thing.

I haven't been posting my sketches and rough work too much on the internet lately because I normally take these into finished pieces. I don't want to ruin the viewers experience by seeing the same image a couple times. At the same time my favorite thing to look at from other artists is their rough work so I'll try and put up something from time to time. Here's an image I'm working on for one of my favorite MCs, GDP
If you're into good obscure/creative hip hop make sure to check both him and his crew Division East out.

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